Introducing The Forever Crown™.
A beautifully custom made ceramic crown guaranteeing you a lifetime of satisfaction.

Forever Crown™

  • Natural looking
  • Requires less reduction for better comfort
  • Can be made in one day
  • Uses precision enhancing technology
  • Does not cause problems with gum tissue
  • Regular Crown

  • Lacks the natural look you desire
  • Old technology causes an uncomfortable fit
  • Multiple dental visits & long waiting periods
  • Porcelain chips away over time
  • May cause inflammation & allergies
  • Why we promise your
    crown for life.

    The results show Forever Crown’s™ success rates, and we will stand behind our work. If for any reason issues arise after having a Forever Crown™ made, we will make you a brand new crown. As long as you come in for your yearly exam, x-rays and cleanings we will remake your forever crown at no charge (*exclusions apply).

    The Lifetime Guarantee.

    Most dentists will only guarantee their work for up to 5 years for a broken crown...We guarantee it for a lifetime!

    *Replacements are for fractured or broken crowns only. If the crowned tooth needs a root canal or there is recurrent decay on the tooth this will void the warranty.

    Patients must come in every 6 months for a check up and cleaning in order to obtain the lifetime warranty otherwise the warranty is void. Patients can have their check up and cleaning done at another practice with proof of services rendered.

    Same Day Ready Crown.

    Not only do we guarantee your crown for life, but we also have the technology available to make your crown in One Day. You no longer have to wait several weeks with an uncomfortable temporary crown. You no longer have to make appointments for return visits. You make one appointment and you walk away with a crown that is guaranteed for life.

    Meet the Director of Technology...

    Frank Bruno CDT is a highly skilled Dental Ceramist practicing in the greater Las Vegas area, uprooted from Southern California. Frank has more than 35 years experience in the dental field. Not only can he guarantee you a crown that you will have for life, but he will also make that crown look especially beautiful. You can make an appointment to see Frank personally for custom shading and consultation to ensure that you get the crown that you want. Our commitment is to ensure you have a pleasant dental experience.

    “I broke my front tooth, and I had a meeting the next day. I was able to have my tooth completely fixed in one day as if nothing had ever happened”

    - Lydia R.

    “I have been conscious of my front teeth for years. Finally I was able to get them to look real again and I can now finally smile with confidence. "

    - Gustavo F.